Lieberman Research Associates


Lieberman Research Associates (LRA) is a consulting entity that is experienced in defense, energy and aerospace technologies. LRA has been used by small and large companies on short-term and ongoing bases to support specific technical analysis, and has been used as project lead to bring multiple companies together in a high-intensity mode to bid a Request for Proposal.

Lieberman Research Associates (LRA) is managed by Dr. Paul Lieberman and has two modes of operation.

  1. Dr. Lieberman organizes teams of companies and individuals to respond to a request for proposal.
  1. Dr. Lieberman has several innovative concepts that require a partner for further development:
  • Carbon dioxide flue gas capture
  • Carbon dioxide sequestration
  • Carbon dioxide sequestration and fuel recovery from gas shale and coal mines
  • Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) with no fuel combustion
    • With compressor coolant heat recovery
    • With use of the high mass flow of super-chilled air
    • Scrubber water purification
    • CO2 capture and sequestration
    • With solar irradiation
  • Rapid land mine clearance
  • Protection of armored vehicles from IEDs
  • Large scale toxic aerosol sterilization
  • Fuel spill cleanup by ultrasonic\sonic\combustion system towed by small ship
Lieberman Research Associates

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